Checkout Updates now via email only - Updates sent through SMS/Text don't seem to be arriving

We've been getting reports that customers aren't receiving order notifications, and it turns out that each time notifications are missed, the customer in question had chosen to checkout using their phone number only. 

We had originally allowed folks to checkout using either an email address, or by entering their cellphone number so that they could receive SMS/Texts. How and where one would receive updates would depend on which option they chose during checkout

Email: Order confirmation and order updates would be sent automatically over email by the webstore. If needed, we'd reach out to customers via email if we had any questions, or if we had any information we needed to share. 

SMS/Text: Order confirmation and order updates would be sent automatically over SMS/Text message by the webstore. We would manually text customers if we had additional questions about their order. 

Order notifications are hugely important for both customers and ourselves, so we need to go with the method which has the best chance at delivering updates to our customers. Since text/SMS isn't as successful as we'd hope, we've disabled it for the time being. 

If you've placed an order, but haven't received your order confirmation, please check your email accounts' Junk or Spam Folder for emails from us. If you find them in there, please mark them as "Not Spam", and add and to your email account's Address Book. This should help to prevent our emails from being flagged as spam - but as the flagging happens by one's email provider, we have no power to stop ourselves from being marked as Spam. 

This link goes in to more detail about how to stop legit emails from being marked as spam, if you're interested in learning more.