Goodbye to Shop Chat (For Now)

Since we moved over to a new eCommerce provider at the beginning of the year, we've been happily trying different ways to connect to customers: We've explored Google Business Chat, Instagram and Facebook, and most recently, the built-in in-store chat. 

At the beginning, it was great! The chat was a small, inobtrusive addition to the bottom-right of our store's homepage, and it allowed us to see and reply to people when new messages came in. 

Unfortunately, over the past week or so, we've been having trouble accessing the chat itself, sometimes messages wouldn't appear at all, and we wouldn't get notifications that new chats or requests came in. Customers wouldn't get answers, or they'd get answers meant for different people, or it would appear as though we were replying as the customer ourselves (which doesn't make a lick of sense). Even worse, some messages were being marked as being replied to when no one had even seen them. On top of all of the other issues, the chat system seemed to tank the loading speed on our site!

After troubleshooting with tech support, and trying everything under the sun, we've decided to remove the chat system on our store for the time being. Once we get these issues under control, we'll gladly add it back, for the time being, it's just not a good fit. 

In the meantime, you can still chat with us over Facebook or Instagram (#millionplants), and we can still be reached over email at

Thank you to everyone for understanding!