Move over, Manitoba: We're Shipping to You Soon!

Now shipping to Manitoba


Looks like the weather is going to be behaving for the next little bit, and we've decided to open up shipping to Manitoba for Monday, March 29th and beyond. This means that you can place your orders now, and so long as the weather holds out, we'll be shipping next Monday. 

Please note! The weather CAN still be temperamental, so if the temperature ends up taking a nosedive, we may need to delay shipments. Should that have to happen, we'll contact folks beforehand to let them know. 

Currently, we'll be doing $35 flat-rate shipping to Manitoba. We're still trying to feel out shipping fees - we want to keep them as low as possible, but couriers are increasing their prices seemingly every time we end up trying to lower ours. Should there be any additional change, we'll let everyone know.