Now Shipping within Ontario (and Quebec)!

EDIT: 03/10/2021 - After popular demand, and seeing that couriers are mainly estimating 1 business day for deliveries to that part of the country, we've decided to open up shipping to Quebec as well! Courier prices have gone up a bit, so we've set the flat-rate shipping to Quebec to be $35. This may change as prices go up/down (and if we can negotiate for lower rates this year), but for the time being it will cost $35 to ship to Quebec unless one's order is small/light. 

Just as before, if you purchase something to ship which costs much less than our flat-rate shipping, we'll issue a partial refund so you'll not overpay by too much. 

On the other hand, should your order end up being large/overly heavy (like, over 25kg), we'll have to figure out the shipping separately, since the flat-rate wouldn't be able to cover the costs. 


It's finally happened! Winter has managed to loosen its grip enough to allow us to ship within Ontario. This means: 

  •  Flat-Rate shipping within Ontario will be $30 for the time being. Should you wish to purchase something small/light (like just some beneficial insect packs), we will absolutely adjust the shipping charge and issue a partial refund afterwards. 
  • Just like last year, we'll be shipping out primarily on Mondays and Tuesdays - even though it's gotten warmer, we still don't want to risk plants sitting in a warehouse over a weekend. 
  • Should you have an open order to be shipped, and you want to add new items, please ensure that you place the order for those new items prior to Friday. In your order notes, please be sure to mention that your new order is an "add-on", and include your original order number whenever possible. 
  • Cities outside of Ontario which offer 1-day shipping, like Quebec City and Montreal, will also be open for shipping, though not by default. Should you wish to place an order for shipping and are in either city, please just email us at after you place your order and we'll figure out how much it'll cost to ship. 
  • Since there is a huge drought on heat packs (I haven't been able to source new ones since last November), so should the weather dip below -5, we will not ship that week, and instead will try to ship the week after, once the weather has warmed back up.

** Penny the Puppy is a homebody, and cannot be shipped out. Sorry!