Online Plant Auctions Coming Soon at Rice Road Greenhouses

Learn more about Rare Plant Auctions at Rice Road Greenhouses

We're going to be trying something new over the next couple of weeks: Online Plant Auctions! 

When it comes to rare plants, sometimes we can only get one single plant despite our best efforts. Even when there's a huge amount of interest, it's hard to make things fair, since the plant usually ends up going to someone who is either the quickest, or just the luckiest, and this leaves a lot of others disappointed at never having had a chance to even try to buy the plant. 

This is where auctions come in! We'll post a rare plant for auction, and over a week or more, more people will be able to try their luck and bid and win the plant of their dreams! 


- These auctions will be online-only. We'll not be able to accept in-person or phone-in bids. 

- Canadian bidders only, please! We do not have an export license, and so cannot ship plants outside of Canada. 

- We're starting off with two "test" auctions: One for a Monstera Tortum, and the other for a Philodendron Splendid (Verrucosum x Melanochrysum). If these test auctions are successful, we'll the start branching out with other, even rarer plants!

-  Auctions for both the Philodendron Tortum, and Philodendron Splendid begin on April 1st, 2021 and will run until April 1st. 

- Weather is still up and down, so for our first few auctions, we will only be shipping within Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec. 

- Bidders can choose to bid the minimum amount, or they can bid a larger amount and then the auction app we've installed will continue to bid on your behalf until your maximum chosen bid is surpassed. 

Example: An auction is currently bidding at $100, and is set to $5 bid increments. If you were to place a maximum bid for $150, your bid would start at $105. If someone else were to bid $110, then the system would automatically bid $115 on your behalf and so on until your maximum bid has been reached. If someone were to then outbid your maximum of $150, you'd be notified over email in case you wanted to continue to bid higher. 

- There is also a reserve amount for each plant. If we do not receive enough bids to meet said reserve, then the auction will end without a winner. 

- Notifications will be sent out over email to let you know when you've joined an auction, when you've bid, if you've been outbid, when you've won, and a reminder to pay for your winning bid. 

- After winning, you'll have 48 hours after the auction has closed to pay for your auction. If we do not receive payment after 48 hours, you will lose your place, and the next lower bidder will be assigned as the winner and will be given the opportunity to pay for the plant. Those who do not pay for won actions will be blacklisted from future auctions. 

- Shipping will be available for won auctions, and the winning bidder will work with us to arrange and pay for shipping separately. 

NOTE: We are absolutely new to auctions, and so we'll likely end up making changes as we go along. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask by emailing us at