Most Shipping will be suspended until further notice!

Due to how busy it has been at the greenhouse, and due to low staffing, we have had to make the decision to temporarily stop shipping for the time being. 

We will still be doing our local deliveries for bulk and non-bulk items, and PlantRunz will still be available to deliver plants further afield to the Toronto/Ottawa area.

The only time we will be able to ship out plants or orders will be for those customers who have won a Plant Auction (We can still only ship within most places in Canada as we do not have an export license). 

As soon as things slow down enough that we can spare the manpower and most importantly, the time to pack and ship, we will endeavor to reopen shipping, but for the moment, it's too labor/time-heavy.

Thank you everyone for your understanding, and we look forward to being able to ship to you again.