Stay alert! Scammers are About

We hate scammers!

We. Hate. Scammers. 

We were so excited today to start our newest giveaway on Instagram, but no sooner did our giveaway start gaining traction, that we received reports of scummy, scam pages on Instagram were mimicking @millionplants, and were trying to trick people in to following them, and after being messaged (or messaged back), they would ask people to click links, and give out their credit card information. 

@MILLIONPLANTS will never ask you for your credit card information for a giveaway 

Our giveaways and contests are free to enter, with the only possible requirements being that interested parties must follow/post/like/comment/share. That's it!

The only time we might need to ask for something is if a prize needs to be shipped, and the winner wants to upgrade their shipping to something quicker and much more expensive (we usually try to cover shipping, so long as it doesn't cost a huge amount more). 

@MILLIONPLANTS is our only Instagram account. 

If you see a post, or are contacted by someone who looks like us, click on their Logo/photo, it'll let you see the name of the Instagram account - if you see anything other than just, report it! 

@MILLIONPLANTS does not use links (or links which start with are used to shorten links, and make them more compact and "pretty", however they are also used by scammers and scumbags to make their links look legitimate, even though they're pointing to somewhere else entirely. Any links we provide over chat or Insta message will be in their entirety. 

The only time we'll send a link is if we are linking to one of our products, pages or posts, or if we're linking to a different company or service (with that being said, we would do that only when we are asked about something we cannot provide, or do not have on hand, but found elsewhere). 

@MILLIONPLANTS has posts (900+ at the time of writing)

If don't see a large post count, you're looking at a scam account. 

One thing all of these scammers have in common (beyond stealing our photo, and trying to scavenge our followers) is that they have 0 posts to their name. 

They have followers (scam accounts are oftentimes set up to buy followers immediately after they're created) , but no posts, stories, or even photos of their own. 

What should you do if you engage with a scammer/click links/give your info/download something they give you: 

  • Report the account
  • Change your Instagram password
  • Contact your bank and ask to speak to their Fraud Department (you will likely need to be transferred to their department) and let them know what happened. They may want to monitor your credit cards for a while, or they may feel that there is cause enough to have your card cancelled, and reissued under a new number. 

If on a computer and were prompted to download something (or if it looks as though something downloaded automatically):