Working out some Checkout Issues

Murphy's Law! Things decided to stop working randomly this morning, preventing folks from being able to choose Pickup during checkout. The option just never finished loading, but with the help of Tech Support, we seem to have it figured out.  

The good news is that pickup should be back up and running, and we've been able to enable Local Deliveries* as well. 

For pick-up, we did end up having to disable an app which allowed folks to choose the day and time for their pickups. Instead, what we'll be doing is emailing customers to let them know when their order is ready, and then they can pick up their order during business hours, whenever is most convenient for them. 

For the time being, please wait for the "Your Order is Ready for Pickup" email, and when you arrive, please call us at 905-892-5832 so we can bring it out to you. If it'll be a few days before you can pick up, please just let us know by emailing (or by replying to the email you receive), and we'll make sure everything is updated and ready. 

* Note: For local deliveries, we are still running the prices for bulk deliveries, rather than smaller, flower/plant deliveries. We'll be retooling those in the days to come as well, but for right now, please note that the charges are meant for delivering yards of bulk product in giant trucks. 

We're still working on shipping - with the cold snap which came down, it's not quite the best time to be shipping tender plants, so we'll be sticking with local delivery/pickup for the time being.