HUERNIA Zebrina Variegated - 4"

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It's not often you find a cactus that is this nicely variegated! The Huernia Zebrina (also known as a "Lifesaver Plant", "Owl-Eyes Plant", or "Zebra-Striped Huernia") is normally known for its alien-like flowers with a rubber-like burgundy inner ring, however this variegated version shows off splashes of white/yellow amongst its normal green colouring.

Note: While it's flower is beloved because of how weird it looks, those flowers are infamous for their smell! Flowering during late spring and summer, their flowers are known to emit a strong, unpleasant odor which is akin to rotting meat. Its other, less "cute" common name is the "Carrion Flower" thanks to its flowers' foul funky fragrance!

Caring for a Huernia Zebrina is similar to how one would care for other cacti/succulents:
  • Ensure that the Huernia has access to lots of bright, indirect light. The more light it receives, the faster it will grow, the brighter its variegation, and the higher the chances it will bloom its peculiar flowers.
  • Water only when the soil is completely dry to the touch. When you water, ensure that you water fully so that excess water drains out the bottom of the pot, and away from the plant. Wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again.
  • Keep the Huernia in a well-draining mix for cacti/succulents, and potting within an unglazed terra cotta pot can help to ensure that excess water will evaporate easier.

The plant pictured here is an average representation of our current stock. Every plant is unique, so the number/length of the Huernia's "spires" will vary from plant to plant, as will its level of variegation. Should there be any concern about potential differences, please ask for a photo of the particular plant you would receive prior to it being shipped, or made available for delivery/pickup. 

NOTE: This plant can be fragile, and does not do well when shipped. As a result, it is available for only Curbside/Local Delivery. 

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