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You might recognize Stevia as being a sweetener found in a lot of sugar-free products nowadays, but did you know that it's actually from a plant? And that the Stevia plant doesn't need processing in order to be sweet? Even unprocessed, the fresh leaves of a Stevia plant are 20-30x sweeter than sugar cane!

You can drop a leaf into hot water, or steep with other tea leaves to add natural sweetness to a beverage. When used as a garnish, fresh leaves can be added chopped, muddled, or whole to dishes to add another hit of sweet. For a more processed application, you can dry leaves, then grind into a powder to use in place of refined sugar.

As soon as a leaf is chewed, it releases a nice, pleasant wave of sweetness with very little bitter aftertaste. The plant does not have a noticeable scent.

NOTE: Always check with one's doctor before taking an herb medicinally for any length of time.

  • While these delightful herbs would appreciate some outdoor sun, you should only keep them outside when all risk of frost is gone! Frost and cold will kill these plants.
  • Sun sun sun! Most herbs love bright, direct sun, and this one is no exception! The more light this little herb receives, the better it will grow.
  • Most herbs can't stand being completely dry, so try to keep their potting media evenly moist. If the plant isn't getting enough water, it will be sure to show you by drooping and wilting.
  • This herb comes in a biodegradable Peat Pot - this means that you can plant it, pot and all, in your garden, or in a larger pot. For smaller repotting, you can simply cut, or peel off the peat pot if you need to. 

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