MONSTERA Esqueleto

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Also known as a Monstera Epipremnoides, this plant is a cousin go the Monstera Adansonii, however whatever the Esqueleto does, it does it BIG! Even young leaves unfurl to be large and in charge, unlike the Adansonii, whose leaves are small when fist coming in.

This particular plant is in a 7" pot, and is around 18" in height, with each leaf being around 17" in length alone. It currently has 3 mature leaves, with new growth coming up at the bottom. 

  • Bright indirect light will help this beauty grow even more! While it can handle lower light levels, its growth will slow. It can handle a couple of hours of direct light in the morning - but too much may lead to sunburnt leaves.
  • Try to keep the soil of this big beautiful plant slightly moist at any given time (think of the level of moisture in a wrung-out sponge). Watering once a week during warm months should be enough, but if you find that the potting medium is still wet the following week, skip watering until the soil has a chance to dry out a bit. Water needs will be reduced during cooler months. Always ensure that any excess water is able to drain out and away from the plant.
  • Monsteras love high humidity, and the Esqueleto is no exception! Try to keep the humidity around this plant around or above 60%. Using a wet-pebble tray, or a humidifier can help keep the humidity levels up.
  • Loves to climb! If you'd like it to grow even more, give it access to a moss pole, trellis, or totem so that its aerial roos can have something to grab on to.

NOTE: This plant is one-of-a-kind, and what you see is what you'll get!

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