String of Pearls (Variegated) Marble - 2"

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One of the most popular "strings" out there, the white and sometimes pink variegation on these Strings of Pearls makes this happy little plant stand out even more.
  • Its scientific name is Senecio rowleyanus f. variegatus, and it can also be known as a "Marble String of Pearls"
  • Loves bright, indirect light. The more light this little plant receives, the more pronounced its variegation, and the quicker it will grow. 
  • Water fully when the soil is completely dry, allowing any excess water to drain away. 
  • These should be kept in well-draining soil. 
  • These variegated string of pearls may come in 2" terracotta pots OR 2.5" plastic grower pots. 

NOTE: The number and length of strands as well as level of variegation will will vary from plant to plant! The plant pictured in the first 3 photos are indicative of the average Variegated String of Pearls we have. The plant you receive will likely not be this exact plant. 

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