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If an order is placed for pick up, you may pick up your order from our Bulk Yard at anytime. Please have your 4 digit order number ready upon arrival. 

Use calculation IN FEET to measure how much product you will need:

Length x Width x 0.003 x Depth (in Inches) = Amount in yards 

E.g: 10ft x 15ft = 150 x 0.003 = 0.45 x 3"(D) = 0.9 yards (roughly 1 yard)

If you are purchasing more than 8 bags, you may want to consider purchasing in loose bulk instead. 

Orders placed for delivery will be delivered next day unless requested other wise. Please note Rice Road Greenhouses does NOT guarantee delivery times. Your order may arrive anywhere between 8-5 the day of your delivery. 

  • Coarse Sand
    Coarse Sand - available from Rice Road Greenhouses in Ontario, Canada
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