ALOE Mitriformis - 5"

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An almost soft-looking Aloe, Mitriformis features smooth green leaves, and soft white spines which appear mainly on its edges, but which may also appear on the tops and bottoms as well. 

  • Loves bright, indirect light. The more light it receives, the happier it will be, and the brighter its colours will appear. 
  • Water sparingly, and only when its potting mix is absolutely dry! When watering, please ensure that there is a way for excess water to drain away, to avoid having it sit in standing water for any length of time. Too much water can be a death-sentence to an aloe, and the Mitriformis is no exception. 
  • Does not want, nor enjoy high humidity levels! Aloe Mitriformis should not be kept in bathrooms, but instead are perfect for drier areas in the house where more delicate plants might struggle.  

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