String of Pearls - Hanging Basket - 6"

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One of the most popular "string of" plants available, the String of Pearls features fat, pearl-like leaves which grow along thin, trailing stems. They make for absolutely stellar hanging baskets, and so we've potted up some strings in some hanging baskets, and they look fantastic!

  • The botanical name for String of Pearls is Senecio Rowleyanus.
  • String of Pearls love nothing more than bright, indirect light. The more light this little plant receives, the more pronounced its variegation, and the quicker it will grow.
  • Water fully when the soil is completely dry, allowing any excess water to drain away.
  • These should be kept in a well-draining potting mix, something which doesn't hold on to too much water.

NOTE: We always try to grab the plant with the longest/most and best-looking strands, however please understand that each plant is unique, with strands growing at different rates. 

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