Goldfish Plant - Hanging Basket - 6"

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    • Its full scientific name is: "Columnea Nemantanthus", and it is also known as a "goldfish vine"

    • Thrives when given ample bright, indirect light (Proper light levels will allow it to bloom year-round).

    • Allow the first inch to dry out before watering again. Leaves will drop if the plant is too dry, or too wet.

    • This is a plant which loves to be fertilized every 2 weeks during warmer months, and monthly during cooler ones.

    • This plant doesn't mind being root bound. A smaller pot, bright light, and trimming (stems between 12-18 inches) will encourage it to flower more regularly

    • Prefers a soil which holds moisture while draining well. Soil which is appropriate for an African Violet will also suit a goldfish plant perfectly.

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