PEPEROMIA Watermelon - Hanging Basket - 6"

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  • One of our favourite hanging plants! Watermelon Peperomia are well-known for their wide, teardrop-shaped leaves whose stripes remind oneself of watermelon rinds, and whose stems are the bright, red colour of watermelon itself. 
  • Its full scientific name is "Peperomia argyreia" 
  • Watermelon Peperomia Love bright, indirect light, but can handle partial shade, as well as artificial light.
  • Allow the top of its soil to be dry to the touch before watering, and always make sure that excess water is able to drain away.   
  • This plant prefers well-draining soil, and also prefers to be root-bound (where it seems as though there are more roots than soil in a pot), so repotting should happen only every 3 years or so, going up only a single pot size. 

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