TRADESCANTIA Wandering Jew - Hanging Basket - 10"

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    • Its full Latin name is "Tradescantia fluminensis", and it is also known as a "Wandering Dude" or "Wandering Jew"

    • Beloved as an Annual, many are surprised to learn that it can flourish as a houseplant year-long as well!

    • Keep in bright, indirect light in order for the leaves to keep their soft pink colouration

    • During spring/summer months, water regularly and do not allow the soil to dry out entirely - keep the soil moist, but not wet. During cooler months, allow it to dry out slightly before watering again.

    • If the plant is getting "leggy" (too many stems, and not enough leaves), it's time to prune: trim/pinch back at the leaf nodes to encourage new growth

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