ALOCASIA Black Velvet - 4"

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Also known as a "Little Queen", the Black Velvet Alocasia (botanical name: Alocasia reginula) displays dark, broad, almost velvety leaves.
  • Does best when in a place with a lot of bright, indirect light. I can tolerate slightly lower light levels, but it won't grow as well.
  • Allow the top 1-2" of potting mix to dry before watering fully. Always ensure that excess water is able to drain away, as these plants can be susceptible to root rot.
  • Keep away from drafts, air conditioners, or heat registers.

NOTE: The plant you receive will likely not be the exact plant pictured! The number/size of leaves will likely be different as each plant is unique in its own way. If concerned about potential differences, please ask for a photo of the particular plant you would receive.

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