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Anthuriums are gorgeous plants which grow large, shiny, vibrant flowers which are long-lasting!

  • Anthuriums love bright, indirect light, and the red variety is no exception! While they can survive lower light levels, if the plant does not get enough bright, indirect light, the fewer flowers it will produce.
  • During its growing period (around March through to the beginning of September), try to keep its soil slightly moist at all times. Watering when the top 2" of soil is dry should work, and always ensure that excess water has a way to drain away from the plant itself.
  • Anthurium are also very fond of humidity, so regular misting, placing it near a humidifier, or on a wet pebble tray will help to make sure this little plant stays happy.
  • When a flower fades, or begins to wilt, be sure to snip and remove it as soon as possible, as this helps to prompt to plant to grow more.

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