ECHEVERIA - Melaco 2.5"

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    The Echeveria Melaco is a dark, yet colourful succulent in a 2.5" pot. Best suited for areas with lots of light. Perfect for dorms, offices, bedrooms, and looks absolutely stunning when potted on its own, or in an arrangement with other succulents.
    • ¬†Loves bright, indirect sunlight
    • ¬†Once soil has dried out, water well and allow any excess water to drain away.
    • ¬†It is better to under-water, than to over-water
    • ¬†Water from the bottom-up, or water the soil. Avoid leaving any standing water in among the crown/rosette as this can lead to fungus/rot

    Note: This had been previously listed as an Echeveria "Chroma", however the lack of lighter variegation makes us more certain that it is truly a Melaco.

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