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A beautiful plant with arrow-shaped leaves which show off splashes and speckles of white among its shiny, dark green leaves.

  • Bright indirect light will help this beauty grow and shine! While it can handle lower light levels, its growth will slow, and variegation may be lost. It can handle around 2 hours of direct light, however please be aware that there is a chance that the leaves may become sunburnt.
  • Allow the potting medium to dry out nearly completely before water fully. Usually this means a watering weekly during warmer weather, with less water needed during the colder months. Always ensure that any excess water is able to drain away. Leaves will droop when the plant needs to be watered ASAP, whereas if leaves begin to yellow, reduce or skip watering for a week or two.
  • Use a well-draining potting mix (one for orchids, aroids or our Tropical Mix will do just fine)
  • Most plants will have at least 2 mature leaves, with a few having 3 or more. 

NOTE: Every plant is unique, and the plant you receive will likely not be the same as the one which is pictured here, as the number/size of leaves, and level of variegation will vary from plant to plant. If there is any concern, please ask for a photo of your particular plant before it is picked up, shipped, delivered, or prior to purchase. 

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