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Products on Auction - available from Rice Road Greenhouses in Ontario, Canada

Products on Auction

One-two-three-four, let's start a bidding war! We're trying out online auctions for some of our rare plants. If these two new auctions are successful, we will then run auctions for even rarer plants. 

Full details on Auctions can be found here.

Some points to keep in mind:  

  • These auctions will be online-only. 
  • Canadian bidders only, please! We do not have an export license, and so cannot ship plants outside of Canada. 
  • You'll need a Customer Account to bid on an auction.  
  • After winning, you'll have 7 days after the auction has closed to pay for your auction. If we do not receive payment after 7 days, you will lose your place, and the next lower bidder will be assigned as the winner and will be given the opportunity to pay for the plant. Those who do not pay for won actions will be blacklisted from future auctions. 


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