ALOE VERA Piranha - 5"

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This plant bites in the best  possible way! Aloe Vera Piranha is a neat little addition which shows off its vibrant green leaves which are studded with pinkish-orange tooth-like protrusions. Even the tops and bottom of the leaves have smaller, green, raised lumps and bumps, which makes for a very interesting tactile experience.

  • If you give your piranha Aloe access to lots of bright, indirect light, it will love you for it! Its leaves and colours will brighten up the more light they receive, and will darken and dull if they don't get as much as they need.
  • While it's named after a fish, too much water is a death-sentence to an aloe! Allow the soil to dry out almost completely, then water sparingly. If they're not getting enough water, its leaves will start to shrivel and shrink. Please make sure that any excess water is able to drain away.

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