Burro's Tail - 2.5"

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  • The Latin name for this beloved trailing plant is Sedum burrito
  • While very similar-looking to Donkey's Tail, Burro's Tail succulents have shorter, rounder, more compact leaves than its counterpart
  • Thrives best when given plenty of bright, indirect sunlight
  • Water only when soil is completely dry, allowing any excess water to drain away
  • A favourite for hanging baskets/arrangements

NOTE: These plants are very delicate, and have a propensity towards dropping leaves whenever it's disturbed. Due to its delicate nature, there is a high chance that some leaves may drop, or stems may break during transport. Should this happen, you can either discard the dropped leaves, or leave them sitting on top of soil, or a paper towel, to allow their ends to "heal over" (something which takes 1-5 days depending on temperature). Once healed, you can place the ends of the leaves/stems into potting mix, and they should begin to grow on their own.

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