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Mortise & Tenon Coffee ~ Rice Rd Cafe

Welcome to Mortise & Tenon!

Located inside Rice Rd Greenhouses, you can experience a tropical paradise every time you come for coffee.  Sip while you shop, or come for the coffee and stay for the atmosphere!  

There's a variety of cold and hot beverages to choose from including coffee, loose leaf tea, espresso drinks, apple cider, hot chocolate and a local favourite  - the Root Beer Cream or Espresso Root Beer - a must try!

There's also some baked goods and treats from a local baker and some delicious Aussie Pies made by Dispatch!

Trust me, it's worth the stop at the cafe when you come to the greenhouse - or if you just want to grab a coffee and go!  You'll fall in love with the bold flavoured coffee and hand crafted drinks!