AMYDRIUM Zippelianum - 4"

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Thanks to its interesting, and almost palm-like foliage, this rare aroid can sometimes be confused with their monstera/philodendron kin.

Amydrium Zippelianum goes by many names including: Amydrium magnificum, Pothos miniatus (despite not being a pothos), and Epipremnum magnificum/mampuanum/asperatum. 

This listing is for this exact plant, so what you see is what you'll get.

  • This rare aroid loves bright, indirect light. The more it receives, they better it'll grow.
  • Water moderately when the top inch of the soil is dry, and allow any excess water to drain completely. Be advised that the more light this rare houseplant receives, the more water it will require.
  • A great lover of humidity! Keeping the plant close to a humidifier, or on a humidity/wet pebble tray will help to keep them happy. If you find that your plant's leaves are yellowing, it likely means that it needs higher humidity.
  • This rare houseplant is a climber! If you give it a climbing pole or frame, it will help the plant to grow (and keep on growing).

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