Azalea Red - 4.5"

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  • A beautiful flowering plant with waxy, slightly hairy leaves, and bright, long-lasting deep red flowers. 
  • Requires bright, indirect light to look its best. 
  • To keep its flowers even longer, keep this plant in a cooler place in the house. It can stand cool temperatures as low as12° C!
  • Consistently moist (but not wet!) soil is a must for this plant, so try to keep it constantly damp, not dry. Watering from the bottom-up, and/or giving the plant a full "dunk" will help maintain its water needs. Always ensure that there is a way for excess water to drain away from the plant after watering. 
  • Pinch off flowers as they wilt/fade. 
  • Fertilize monthly during warmer months. 

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