Beneficial Insect Packet - AMBLYSEIUS Swirskii

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  • ¬†These tiny, light-coloured, pear-shaped predators are hidden among a bran substrate, and exit through the small hole at the front of each packet and control various species of Whiteflies and Mites by feeding on them while they are immature.
  • To use, planted the packet in/around the plants you'd like to protect, and within 3 weeks these beneficial mites will exit their packet and fully devastate any unwanted whiteflies or mites. While it may look like a tea bag, do not get the packet wet! This will drown the Cucumeris before they can do their thing
  • Controls whiteflies, mites in the genus Schizotetranychus, two-spotted spider mites, cyclamen/strawberry mites (Phytonemus pallidus), and broad mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus).¬†¬†
  • Comes with an attached stick so that it can be "planted" right in the pot along with the plants they are to protect. Packets can also be pinned to stems, or even placed above a set of plants (as the mites exit the packet, they'll fall on to nearby plants and start hunting for thrips and mites)
  • Swirskii packets are active for 3 weeks after they've been packaged, and once they've been warmed.

NOTE: If you're shopping in-store and are looking to buy some of these little beneficial bugs, please ask one of the cashiers to grab them for you - they're in our Floral Fridge to keep them inactive for as long as possible!

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