BROMELIAD Silver Vase - 6"

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The Silver Vase bromeliad can oftentimes be found under its botanical name of Aechmea fassciata, or under its alternate common name of "Urn Plant".

  • Silver Vase bromeliads enjoy bright, indirect light, though they can handle slightly lower light levels as well. Please note that growth will slow, variegation will loss, and the chance of flowering will lower if the plant is kept in too little light for too long.
  • When you're watering, rather than soaking its substrate, you just need to make sure that the bromeliad's central "cup" (also known as its "urn", "vase", or "tank) is 1/4 to 1/2 full of water.
  • This is one plant which loves getting its leaves wet, and won't suffer from leaf-rot that succulents do when their crowns stay wet for too longer.
  • Try to dump out excess water in the "cup" every month or two, to give it a bit of a refresh, and help dump out unwanted bacteria.
  • As bromeliads absorb water through its leaves, it will not take poorly to having them misted every now and then.
  • For fertilizer, you can use orchid fertilizer diluted to half-strength, and you'd just spray it on the plant's actual fertilizer.

NOTE: Due to this plant's size (and how delicate its leaves/flowers can be), it will be for Curbside, Local Delivery, and PlantRunz delivery only. 

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