CACTUS Bunny Ear - 2.5"

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NOTE: These little cacti came to us in a batch of unlabeled, unnamed, assorted cactus. We're not entirely sure what they actually are, so we're just naming them ourselves. 

These cacti have been unanimously confirmed as being a "Bunny-ear" cactus which grows lobes which can look like the ears of a rabbit. For the one in the example photo, rather than ears, it looks like a bunny diving headfirst into a small pot!

We're pretty certain that standard cacti-care rules apply to these babies which includes: 

  • Keep the cactus in a place with as much light as possible, bright direct or bright indirect is best. 
  • Water when the cactus' soil is completely dry to the touch, and allow any excess water to drain away completely. Less is more with cactus, and you definitely do not want to over-water them (that's usually what kills a cactus - too much water!)
  • For soil, use a mix which drains very well - a pre-packaged cactus mix will work perfectly, though you can make your own by mixing up 3 parts sand with 1 part perlite to 3 parts regular potting mix. 

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