CALADIUM White - 6"

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Caladiums are beautiful tropical plants which show off their large, paper-thin, arrow-shaped leaves. Also known as Angel Wings or Elephant Ears, Caladiums come in a variety of colours and varieties and show you that you don't need fancy flowers to make a statement.
  • Try to give Caladiums access to plenty of bright, indirect light.
  • Caladiums want an even level of moisture in their soil, and you have to be careful never to let it soil dry out completely. Watering more often, but with lower volume, can help.
  • Humidity is key! Misting regularly, keeping near a humidifier, fountain, bathroom, on a wet pebble tray, or near a bunch of other plants will help to keep this plant happy. Leaves will brown at their edges and become crispy when they don't have enough humidity.
  • Caladiums only grow their leaves during the summer! Once you see their leaves dying back, the plant is not dying off! It is instead getting ready to become dormant. Cut back the dead leaves, and leave the caladium somewhere dark and warmish (around 16°C)for a few months (no watering). After that, you can dig the rooty tuber out of the pot, replace the soil/repot if necessary, and then place it in the sun. Once new leaves form, you can resume watering as before.

NOTE: For curbside/local delivery/PlantRunz only. Their leaves are very delicate, and are prone to damage/change in temperature/being moved. 

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