CALATHEA Makoyana - 3.5"

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Calathea makoyana shows off large leaves which contrast in purple and green. Also known as a "Peacock Plant" or "Cathedral Windows", it is a very popular plant for homes and offices alike.

  • All calathea enjoy bright, indirect light, and the Makoyana is no different! Lots of bright, indirect light will help it grow its best, whereas lower light levels will cause stunted growth, and muted colours.
  • Try to keep its soil slightly moist at all times (think of the level of moisture in a wrung-out sponge). Many suggest watering once the top 1" of soil has started to dry, and always make sure that excess water is able to drain away.
  • When watering, it's best to use water that has been left out for at least 24 hours so that some of the chemicals within can evaporate, and use room-temperature water.
  • Try to keep your Calathea in an area with plenty of humidity (60% +). Low humidity will cause leaves to brown and shrivel.

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