CALATHEA Rufibarba - 3.5"

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Also known as a "Velvet" Calathea, thanks to its slightly fuzzy leaves, the Rufibarba shows off long, wavy, dark green leaves which have a magenta/purple underside.

  • Loves bright, indirect light! The more it receives, the better it will grow, and brighter its colours will become.
  • Try to keep the Calathea Rufibarba's soil lightly moist at all times (think of the level of moisture in a slightly wrung-out sponge). Watering more often with smaller amounts of water can help!
  • Humidity is key for this interesting plant! Be it by misting the plants regularly, sitting it on a wet pebble tray, or placing it near a humidifier, this is one plant which loves and requires a more humid environment.

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