CALATHEA White Fusion - 6"

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Absolutely stunning in every sense of the word, Calathea White Fusion (Botanical name: Calathea leitzei) boasts leaves splashed with whites, pinks/lilacs, and greens. It's no wonder this plant can be listed as a "peacock plant" (in addition to being known under the other common names for Calatheas in general, which include Rattlesnake plant, and Zebra plant).

  • These plants are known for being a bit diva-ish, and for good reason! They can be picky, and benefit from being babied. They like everything in moderation: light, water, and humidity.
  • Prefers bright, indirect light, but Calathea White Fusion can handle lower light levels as well.
  • Allow the soil to dry out 1/2 of the way through, and water thoroughly using bottled/purified water, or water which has been left to stand overnight so that the fluoride evaporates. This plant is incredibly sensitive to chemicals in the water, and will show its displeasure by becoming crispy and sad-looking.
  • Avoid allowing it to sit it standing water, as this would lead to root-rot
  • Calathea White Fusion enjoy higher levels of humidity (70%), and warm, but not hot, temperatures. Keep away from drafts, air conditioners, fans, and heat registers.
  • Fertilize (diluted) monthly.

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