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Canadian Nematodes - 6 mil - 2,300 sq ft

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Invisible to the naked eye but these are microscopic worms with attitude! They are parasitic towards insect larva only, and are absolutely 100% non-toxic, and safe for people, pets and plants. These little fellows attack and kill the larval forms of pests which overwinter in your lawn.


Beneficial Nematodes: Active units are J3 stage Steinernema carpocapsae and Heterorhabditis bacteriophera – microscopic worms with attitude! These parasites are specific carnivores towards insect larva & are resistant to most chemicals, fungicides and insecticides, using water channels in the soil to seek out a host. Nematodes are non-selective, and have been found to be effective against a broad spectrum of insect hosts – more than 250 different pest insects. Over 0-% of all insects spend all, or part of their life cycle in the soil, which is when the Nematodes will strike.


Refrigerate at 38°F-50°F (4°C - 10°C) to retail full potency for a maximum of 2 months after date of purchase. DO NOT FREEZE!


Active Beneficial Nematodes are exempt from Pest Control Regulations as they will not harm people, pets (even if ingested), plants, earthworms, fish…etc


Remove the sponge from the package. These nematodes migrate into the sponge during shipping, so rinse the sponge & container as completely as possible into 1 gallon of water. Doing so creates a “concentrate”.

The nematodes can withstand pressures up to 300 PSI, which means that you can apply them using your injector system, or dilute them with more water & use a pump sprayer, watering can, pail or hose-end sprayer. (When using a hose-end sprayer, add a drop of food colouring to the concentrate as an indicator & adjust sprayer to the setting which uses the most water to maximize dilution).

Make sure that you have sufficient solution to cover area at least once.

Constant Agitation of the solution while applying will ensure a more constant application of the nematodes.

Nematodes will survive in an oxygen-rich water, such as nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, but should not be left in standing water for more than 2 hours.

They should be “watered-in” to your media to ensure that they have been carried to the root zone.

Apply: When soil temperature is 10°C (50°F)

Treats: 2000-3000ft2 (186-280m2 )


Lawn Grubs: (e.g. June & Japanese Beetles, European Chafers, Black Turfgrass Ataenius)

Following directions, apply to a well-watered lawn- (A) In spring, when the soil temperature reaches 60°F or more, usually around when one would begin planting bedding plants. Nematodes can survive in the root zone of plants for 60-90 days even before they find a host, as long as the soil does not dry out.

(B) Reapply in August – September if needed, to take care of any grubs which hatched during the summer. Apply whenever grubs are found in the soil.

Fungus, Gnats, Thrips:

Following directions, water solution well into the soil, pots or hydroponic cubes (do not put in reservoirs). Can be applied through a drip system if reservoir is aerated & fine screens are removed.

Fleas: Topdress* by pens & areas which animals frequent

Black Vine Weevil: Topdress* and hoe into soil around tree trunks, or apply to well-watered pots.

Root Borers, Maggots & Flea Beetles: (e.g. Iris Borer, Cabbage Root Maggot). Apply to seed furrows or on transplant roots as a drench. For heavy infestations, also use a Topdress*.

Gypsy Moth/Codling Moth Larva…etc: Spray nematodes on tree trunks and under trees out to foliage line. Topdressing*, soil under trees will also help.

TOPDRESSING: Saturate peat, mulch or vermiculite with concentrate, adding as much water as possible – mixing well & apply as required. Apply any remaining solution to topdressing.