Coffee Plant - 4"

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  • Not only is coffee a delicious beverage, but it's great as a houseplant, too!
  • Coffee plants love bright, indirect light.
  • Since they're from the warmer parts of the world, Coffee plants cannot tolerate cold, so keep these little beauties away from drafts.
  • Coffee plants like their soil slightly moist, but not wet. Think of the level of moisture in a lightly wrung-out sponge.
  • Drainage is important, since a soggy, wet soil will lead to root rot and eventual plant death. Instead of watering heavily, water lightly and regularly, allowing the water to drain away completely each time.
  • A great lover of humidity, coffee plants do well in well-lit bathrooms or terrariums, but can be happy by being near a humidifier, or being placed on a humidity/water-filled pebble tray.
  • Can you get coffee beans from such a plant? Yes, though it can be a bit of work. The coffee plant would have to be mature (3-5 years), and be happy enough with its conditions to flower. Most folks have to hand-pollinate their flowers, but eventually from the flowers will come berries, and from the berries will come the beans!

Note: Some plants will still have the casings left over from the beans the plants sprouted from. You can leave them in as a bit of extra interest/roughage, or remove them to no ill-effect. 

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