CRASSULA Ovata Variegated - Gollum Jade - 4"

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We wants the variegation, my Precious. We needs it! 

This rare, variegated form of the Crassula Ovata is small, but absolutely gorgeous. With fingers streaked through with whites and pinks, it definitely stands out amongst its kin. 

Like all succulents, these love lots of bright, indirect light. The more light it receives, the better and brighter its variegation will become. While it can survive lower light levels, there is a good chance that its white/pink variegation will fade. 

Water sparingly when its potting mix is completely dry, and always ensure that excess water is able to drain away from the plant. Too much water is a death sentence for succulents, and this beauty is no exception!

NOTE: These plants are relatively small, but are potted up amongst akadama and a heavy, sand/rock-based potting medium. They're perfect if picking them up in-store, or having them delivered via PlantRunz, but if they are to be shipped, we would ship bare-root (Just the plant, its roots, and as little potting medium as possible, no pot) instead. 

(The plants when in their pots are probably around 3kg)

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