DISCHIDIA Bubbles Dragon - 3"

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This is one Dischidia which stands out among its peers! The Dischidia Bubbles Dragon features long, trailing stems which are absolutely covered in small, thick, closely-packed scale/bubble-like leaves.

  • Its full botanical name is Dischidia Numularia Dragon Jade, but it can also be known as a Dragon Jade, or just Dragon Bubbles.
  • Dischidia Bubbles Dragon love bright, indirect light.
  • You can let the top 2" of soil to dry out before watering again, and allowing any excess water to drain away.
  • Dragon Bubbles Dischidia loves humidity (70%+), so having it near a humidifier, or giving it regular mistings every few days will help it grow.
  • This plant not looks great when draping (and is great in hanging baskets), it's also an epiphyte and would love to climb if given the opportunity.

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