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Due to popular demand, we've decided to sell some of our new Dischidia Ovata cuttings as they are right now: Unrooted, and unacclimated. This means that you don't have to wait until they've been potted up, and instead you can get your hands on these little beauties right away!

This listing is for one (1) cutting from a Dischidia Ovata. It will be an approximately 5-10" long-strand containing around 10+ leaves.  Longer cuttings seem to have mainly a single strand, whereas the shorter ones tend to have multiple strands. 

If you're visiting and would like to pick out your cuttings yourself, you can! Just let us know beforehand, and we'll show you where you can pick them out. 

These plants are being sold as-is - this means that we will not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on them if they do not thrive, nor should anything happen to them after they've been received.  

UPDATE: We've been given the go-ahead to be able to ship the cuttings! This means that we can ship them out to Ontario and Quebec .

Originally, I had set the cuttings to cost $5 to ship, but the shipping charges kept applying on top of other, larger shipping charges. It was a pain, so we've changed it so that cuttings will be just like any other product, and be included in the normal $30/$35 shipping charges. 

Should the cutting end up being damaged during shipping, please write us at sales@millionplants.com with a photo and we'll see about either refunding or replacing. 


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