DRACAENA Art Florado (?) - 4"

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This Dracaena came to us labeled as an "Art Florado", however finding out more about that particular variant seems impossible! It looks like a Carmen, but it seems to grow more vertically, and features wibbly-wobbly ridged edges on its leaf tips (which are pretty neat-looking!). 
  • This plant does best in medium to indirect light. Too much light will cause the colour on the leaves to fade. Too little, and the leaves will become narrow.
  • Allow the top half of the soil to dry out before watering.
  • Dracaena plants can be sensitive to chemicals in water, so they do best with water without chlorine or fluoride.
  • Brown tips will appear on the leaves if under or over-watered.
  • These plants prefer well-draining, loose and airy soil.
  • Do not repot too often! Dracaena plants flourish when "root-bound", and only benefit from repotting when the roots have filled the current pot nearly entirely (once every 2 years or so).

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