DRACAENA Warneckii - 4"

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  •  Its scientific name is D. Deremensis Warnecki, and it's also known as a Striped Dracaena plant
  • Grows best when in areas of medium to low indirect sunlight. It can even do well when given access to fluorescent lighting, so this plant would be great in offices!
  • Allow the top 1-2" of soil to dry out before watering lightly, allowing any excess water to drain away completely. Some growers recommend watering with purified/bottled water as this plant can be sometimes be sensitive to chemicals which can be found in regular tap water. Using regular tap water which has been left out overnight works just as well!
  • Dracaena had previously been recommended by NASA as one of the top ten plants to remove formaldehyde from the air (neat!)

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