EUPHORBIA Sticks On Fire - 2.5"

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  • In its native zone, this striking succulent can grow up to 8 feet in size, and forms shrubs where its brightly-coloured, branching stems are shown off to great effect
  • Its Latin name is Euphorbia Tirucalli, and can be found listed as "Milk Bush", "Naked Ladies", "Indian Tree Spurge", or as a "Pencil Cactus"
  • Keep in bright light (direct is best, but it can handle indirect light so long as it has access to a lot of it). The more bright, direct light it gets, the more pronounced its colours will become
  • Water deeply when the soil is completely dry, allowing any excess to drain away

TOXIC WARNING: Not pet, child, or people-friendly! Broken tips will release a milky, sticky sap which will cause skin to burn and itch. Keep away from bare skin, eyes, and all mucous membranes.

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