FATSIA Spider's Web - 6"

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Also known as a "Speckled Japanese Aralia", the Fatsia Spider's Web is a rare plant which shows off splashes and speckles of white variegation across its large, bushy, palmate leaves. According to what I've been reading, the variegation on its leaves will actually change with the season, and as the plant ages!

  • This plant loves light. Bright and indirect is best, but it can also handle a bit of direct light as well. It can even handle lower light levels, however this could lead to loss of variegation on its leaves.
  • Water thoroughly when the top 1/2" of soil is dry to the touch, and allow any excess water to drain away.
  • Fatsia Spider's Web actually prefers cooler temperatures than one would expect from such a fancy-looking plant, but it actually does best in temperatures between 15° and 21°.

NOTE: Every plant is different, so the plant you received will not look exactly like the one pictured. 

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