FICUS Retusa Bonsai - 6"

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  • A favourite for beginners to Bonsai, the Ficus Retusa Bonsai (also known as a Ginseng Bonsai) features thick, branching trunks, topped with bunches of leaves at the very top of the plant.
  • Loves bright, indirect light! The more light this one receives, the better (And happier!) it will be.
  • Try to keep the soil slightly moist at all times as this is one plant which does not like to dry out. Try to stick with room-temperature soft water, or water which has been left out overnight so that some of the chemicals evaporate. Always make sure that excess water is able to drain away, as otherise the plant may end up succumbing to root rot.
  • Loves humidity! Being misted, being placed by a humidifier or on a "wet pebble tray" will help to keep this Ficus happy.
  • Keep away from drafts!

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