FITTONIA Red/Green - 3.5"

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  • Also known as a "nerve plant", "mosaic plant", or "Painted net leaf"

  • Thrives best on bright, indirect light to part shade and is partial to fluorescent lights

  • Keep this plant moist, but not wet, at all times! The plant is prone to "fainting spells" when dry, appearing to be completely wilted and dried up. Keeping to a watering schedule will be beneficial for this plant, as using its "fainting" as an indicator to water will take a toll on the plant, and affect its overall health

  • Regular mistings, and/or keeping the plant on a "humidity tray" (a tray with rocks covered in water) will help to give the plant the moisture it needs

  • Do not allow this plant to sit in standing water, as it will lead to root rot

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