Fresh Daily! Seasonal Flower Bouquet

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Note: Flowers keep going up in price, and so too is the size of the bouquet, so we've had to increase their prices a bit to match. For smaller bouquet sizes and lower price points, please feel free to email info@millionplants.comand we'll get one set up. 
  • Each fresh cut flower bouquet is hand-tied by our floral designer, Marian.
  • Flowers are seasonal, and so colours and varieties in each bouquet will vary and will Florist's choice. 
  • Flower variety, colour and size will vary depending on the size of the bouquet. As the bouquets increase in price, so do their size and variety/rarity of flowers. 
  • You can also place a custom order, email Let us know how much you'd like to spend, as well as any colour/flower combinations you'd prefer and we'll try to accommodate requests whenever possible.

An assortment of bouquets hand-made by Marian, our Rice Road Greenhouses Florist

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