Goldfish Plant Hanging Basket - 6"

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The Goldfish Plant's botanical name is "Columnea Nemantanthus", and it can also be found under the more common name of "Goldfish Vine".
This adorable plant thrives best when given access to ample bright, indirect light. With proper light levels, this beauty will continue to bloom its small, orange, goldfish-like flowers all year round.
  • Try to allow the first inch of its potting soil to dry out before watering again. Always allow any excess water to drain way.
  • The leaves of a Goldfish Plant will let you know if something is wrong, as they'll droop if the plant is either too wet, or too dry.
  • This is a plant which loves to be fertilized every 2 weeks during warmer months, and monthly during cooler ones.
  • Goldfish plants don't actually mind being root bound (where one would think there is too little soil for the amount of roots in the pot). A smaller pot, bright light, and trimming (stems between 12-18 inches) will encourage it to flower more regularly.
  • Goldfish plants prefer a soil which holds moisture while still draining well. Soil which is appropriate for an African Violet will also suit a goldfish plant perfectly.

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