Grafted Moon Cactus - 3"

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    • Its scientific name is Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
    • These cacti are actually two-in-one! The tops and bottoms are grafted together, as the top portion is so brightly coloured due to its lack of chlorophyll
    • Water when the soil is completely dry and almost dusty to the touch. Ensure that there's ample drainage, and that any excess water is able to drain away as a soggy bottom can be a death sentence to a cactus
    • Loves bright, indirect light
    • NOTE: We received a mix of red, pink and yellow Grafted cacti, but not quite enough of each to warrant giving them individual listings. If there is a colour you'd prefer, please include it, and an alternate preferred colour in your Order Notes, and we will do our absolute best to oblige. 

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