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Hanging Air Plant in Sea Urchin Shell

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  • A great plant to "hang around" one's room, these air plants are housed snuggly within the shell of a sea urchin, and come with a bit of fishing line out of the top of each which can be used to hang. When hanging, they look like jellyfish! When not airborne, these sea urchins can be used as "cushions" to hold and show off your air plant on any surface. 
  • Despite popular opinion, Air Plants do need more than air to survive! Air plants require both air AND water to stay happy and healthy.
  • Plants should be watered normally one to three times a week, and given a good, long 2-hour soak every 2-3 weeks.
  • If your house is very, very dry, you may find that you need to water, or even mist them more often.
  • A "normal" watering usually means running water over the entire plant, or letting them soak in a bowl of water for 20-30 minutes. Shake gently after their bath, and then set them to dry off in a place with good circulation for 4-5 hours.
  • When soaking/rinsing, feel free to leave the plant in its sea urchin holder! So long as the water gets in through the openings in the shell, the air plant within will be able to get the water it needs. 
  • Blooming Airplants prefer to be rinsed, rather than bathed.
  • Misting in between waterings can help to keep them happy!
  • Air plants will "fatten up", and feel stiffer and stronger after they've been watered, and will become limp, softer and lighter when in need of a drink. Keep away from cold air or drafts.

NOTE: These air plants came pre-labeled as containng "caput medusae"-type airplants, however the airplants within appear to be Ionantha. 

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